'Plyobell' Kettlebells Full set with 4/6/8/12/16/20/24kg

\'Plyobell\' Kettlebells Full set with 4/6/8/12/16/20/24kg

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Kettlebells are weights that can be lifted like ordinary dumbells, but can also be swung about for an intense cardio workout. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with a KB, exercising your whole body, in little space.

Cast iron Russian kettlebells are recognized as the benchmark for commercial standard equipment, and great for strength workouts.

  • Includes 7 'Plyobell' kettlebells ranging from 4/6/8/12/16/20/24kg
  • Smooth, comfortable handle made of cast iron with a Tough, Black, Enamel Finish 
  • Top quality, extremely stable
  • Ideal for both home and commercial use

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