500w Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Plate

500w Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Plate
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Read More Reviews L. Hughes      02/18/2011
When I bought this I had researched just about every other machine! I wasn't convinced any of them worked so I decided to buy one with decent ratings that wasn't too expensive but good enough to do what it said on the tin. I used it for two weeks doing all the exercises they offered in the somewhat lacking of information booklet that comes with it, for twenty minutes a day seometimes twice a day (certainly not always though!!) and I hate to admit it but my sceptical side lost out. I noticed a difference very quickly in muscle tone and my jeans and trousers weren't as tight around my thighs and my calves had more definition. My husband reckoned my bum had firmed up too! What I would say is that if your weight is average and you just want to tone up it's brilliant. If you've got a stone or two to get off then it's excellent too but it helps massively to start a healthy eating plan along side it to really show the results. And if you have a lot of weight to shift I'm not sure you'll notice a huge difference using this alone, but any exercise is beneficial. As for the noise I can still easily watch tv, I don't think it's that bad at all. If you use the mega wobble levels yes of course it gets louder but I've not really used them yet, even so I'd still watch tv or listen to music very easily and was very impressed. A very small price to pay for 20 mins out of your day! I did notice one or two reviewers saying it didn't vibrate at all and was rubbish. I'd say it simply wasn't working and they need a replacement! Even the skinniest of ladies wobbles away on my machine on a low level so I'm pretty sure theirs had a fault. My only issue is me - getting my lazy backside on the machine!! I'm genuinely quite impressed.