3 Section Portable Massage Table w/ Oil Holster Navy

3 Section Portable Massage Table w/ Oil Holster Navy

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HealthLineis a UK and US registered brand with high reputation on design, quality and customer service in UK, Europe and USA market.

This newHealthLineSmartChoiceTMhigh quality professional massage table provides the best in instant and portable protection for any purpose. Our Deluxe Multi Adjustable Headrest is the best available. A single cam lever provides both height and angle adjustments without extending away from the table. Reinforced metal upper frame add more strength and load ability to the table. Even the carrying bag is built to last. This is a table you can count on to last the life of your practice!

We've put together the perfect package. This limited edition package offers solid construction, innovative features and a great price. With this package, you'll receive extras you'd normally expect only on higher-priced tables. You will love the luxurious look and feel of the satin touch vinyl and the lacquer finish on the sturdy hardwood.

TheHealthLinemassage table typical uses include professional physical therapy, massage practice, bodywork practice, and personal home use requirements.

This heavy duty high quality massage table is made by aISO9001certified manufacturer.

Check our price and product quality and compare with other products, you will never regret on your bidding!!!

  • 3 Section Massage Table
  • Adjustable Table Height - Accommodates users of different heights.
  • Creative Removable Adjustable Face Cradle (Headrest) - provides both height and angle adjustments without extending away from the table.
  • Durable PVC Leather (Waterproof & Oil Resistant).
  • Face Hole & Face Hole Plug - to restore the flat table surface.
  • Front Arm Shelf - Allows greater access to the shoulder area while supporting the arms.
  • Side Armrests (Arm Supports) - Add extra inches width to your table.
  • Adjustable Backrest - Multiple positioning and double ratchet stays for added versatility.
  • Safety Lock Support System - provides the table with strength and stability.
  • Two stainless steel clasps lock the table firmly during travel.
  • Wider Table Design - Size wider than most the tables in the market, provide large and more comfortable loading space.
  • Heavy Duty Frame - Add more strength, stability and load ability to the table.
  • EZ to Set Up - Sets up and folds compactly in seconds.
  • External Handle and Durable Carrying Bag - For convenient transport and protection.
  • ISO 9001:2000 standard certified manufacturer.
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