7.5kW Multi-Fuel Cast Iron Stove

7.5kW Multi-Fuel Cast Iron Stove

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The stove is constructed ofheavy gauge reinforced cast ironwith welded seams to insure years of service.

It is a37 x 30cmcast iron feed-doorwith gasket seal and safety glasshearth extension.

The pedestal model is designed to provide you with outstanding heat efficiencies while achieving low emissions. Appealing pedestal base provides a well concealed inlet for combustion air which can be drawn from outside to add even more heating efficiency(78%).Non-catalytic.

Air wash technology combined with high temperatures keep the viewing glass clean
  • lSolid,HeavyCastIronConstruction.
  • lHigh-techfireboxdesign(non-catalytic)forcleanerburn,moreheatandmoreefficientburntimes(78%).
  • lAdvancedAirwashSystem(Self-CleaningGlass).
  • lSuitableForbothTopandRearFlueOutlets.
  • lSchottGlassallowsclearviewoffireandresistanttoelevatedtemperatures.
  • lConvenientbuilt-inashdrawer.
  • lIncludingtoporrearflueconnector.
  • lWide-stancelegsforstability.
  • lMulti-fuelType:Turforpeat,Briquettes,Wood,Browncoalnuggets,Standardcoal.
  • lCECertification.

  • 1x chimney cover
  • Multifuel grate
  • Ash pan
  • Ash pan tool /hook
  • Asbestos fireproofing glove
  • Manual

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