4.7m Multi-purpose Aluminum Foldable Ladder

4.7m Multi-purpose Aluminum Foldable Ladder

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This Aluminum Multi-purpose Ladder is suitable for any heavy duty situation. It is ideal for tasks around the house, workshop and garden such as decorating, cleaning guttering, windows or roof of car.

The multi-positional hinge system enables it to transform into several positions, including a regular ladder, step ladder, or work platform and you can also double it up as a workbench.

Your best choice for working with pleasure!!

Our multi-purpose ladder with 2 scaffold platforms and 1 utility tool work shelf constructed in Anodized aluminum can be erected in multiple positions for any job such as: Step ladder, Double step ladder, Extension ladder, Mezzanine ladder, Multi-level ladder, Platform scaffold, Stair-step scaffold.

  • It locks into 14 positions rungs to help you with different heights and applications.
  • Auto Locking Hinges which will never elapse double confirms your safety.
  • Twin horizontal cross bars to either end of the ladder are 700mm wide with large rubber feet offers excellent sold stability during operation.
  • 2 scaffold platforms supplies extra strength and stability.
  • Utility tool work shelf provides you more versatile use.
  • Manufactured from strong high-quality all-rustproof Aluminum construction.
  • Portable Lightweight 47lbs for easy storage and transportation.
  • Can be used as normal ladder or 15.4' extension ladder plus scaffold, stair scaffold and more
  • Comes with EN131 Standards for safety consideration.
  • Attached user instruction manual in package box.
  • Total Steps4 Fold x 4 Steps= 16 Steps
    Maximum Extension Length4.7m/15.4'
    2 platforms(115+87)*30
    Step ladder height2.3m/7.5'
    Scaffold platform height1.3m/4.3'
    Tool work shelf33.5*28.5
    Working load150kg/330lbs
    N.W./ G.W.21.37kg(47lbs)/23.67kg(52lbs)

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