4-Section Portable Massage Table - Black Quarto

4-Section Portable Massage Table - Black Quarto

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This 4 section portable folding massage table is ideal for professional physical therapy, massage practice, bodywork practice, and personal home use requirements.

  • Adjustable middle section and front and rear panel.
  • Aluminum alloyed headrest frame.
  • Ergonomically designed armrest.
  • 5cm super soft padding - provides more comfort.
  • Strong Frame - adds more strength, stability and load capacity to the table.
  • High Quality PU Surface - oil and waterproof, comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Safety Lock Support System - enables the table to open and fold for seconds and gives the table greater strength and stability.
  • Easy Set Up - sets up and folds compactly in seconds.
  • Portability - light weight, easy to transport.
  • Durable Carrying Bag - for convenient transport and protection.
  • ISO 9001:2000 standard certified manufacturer.

SKU AF-21W4H-01A (Black)
Table size 22.8"-33.9"(H) / 58-86(H) cm
Adjustable height 22.8"-33.9"(H) / 58-86(H) cm
Thickness / Density of foam 5cm / 24#
Vinyl High quality PU, oil and waterproof
Legs and staffs Beech
Working weight capacity 227kg (500lb)
Static weight capacity 900kg (2000lb)
Packaging size 95 x 21 x 75cm (37 x 8 x 30inch)
N.W. / G.W. 22.6kg/25.5kg (49.8lb/56.2lb)

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Overall Rating:  
Date Added: 11/08/2011
by Helena
I have to admit, I have never taken the time to write a review but upon receiving this product felt an obligation to do so. Good quality Looks nice Sturdy Easy to put up & take down Excellent value for money Overall, if you want a decent massage table at a good price, I think you will be pleased with this item.
Overall Rating:  
Date Added: 01/18/2011
by Michael C. McGowan
The table arrived quickly. It is very sturdy and pretty easy to erect myself. The head rest fastener is very tight- it takes both hands to close. Maybe this will loosen over time. The bag makes the purchase for me. It has wheels and alot of handles to pull or push the whole thing. It fits perfectly in my trunk. It is not that heavy. The only problem I have with the table is the arm rest bar. It kind of just dangles underneath the headrest. Still really unsure about how to properly attach it. And the table cannot be cleaned with alcohol, which I didn't know before I bought it.
Overall Rating:  
Date Added: 01/14/2011
by Carolyn E. Sullivan
I am a Massage therapy student and this product exceeded my expectations for the price! I got the package yesterday and unpacked it...it was a beautiful table! and the cushions are very soft! People complaining about the face rest being too hard are silly...I think that it is perfect (as do the few people I was testing it on yesterday!) The only Con would be the fact that the face rest doesnt lock into place...but honestly thats really not a big deal because it adjusts into 6 different positions.